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LOS ANGELES, CA: There's a place in this world that the limelight glimmers brightly. Where people clamor to in the pitiful hope that they can be something. California. They tell you this is the place to go. That this is your final rest stop as the person you were only to begin a new life as someone completely estranged from that boring life. It's the city filled with plastic people and their plastic lives, and yet all the answers to your prayers. You come here to make it big, for hopes that your rugged good looks, dreamy smile, and shapely figure gets you in a pilot. You're desperate for whatever they throw at you like a damn dog, begging on your knees loudly. It doesn't matter, as long as you're on the screen somewhere, being beautiful and wanted. It doesn't matter how degrading or what you lose of yourself in the process.

That is where we find you. We pick you up from the sad pile you've created for yourself and rescue you. There's a dark side to any industry. Some famous people got their bearings in the adult industry , so its not all that shameful, right? Skin slapping against skin, the faked moaning, random sex with strangers, the tight outfits... it still doesn't mean anything else. Its just mindless fun for a choice few. No one knows your story anyway. You're on that screen and you're still desired. Doesn't matter, as long as you get that money and keep chanting to yourself that this is just temporary. You're either a struggling college student, you just want to do it for kicks, or to just do anything to stay off the streets. There's nothing shameful about doing porn, as long as no one knows about it. Its just easy money... right? But there's always a hefty price to pay for any big dream, and this is just one of the steps up to the very top. And it's only one step.

It will only be until you find something better.

Only until something better comes along that has the same benefits. Pays as well. Doesn't sacrifice your humanity...

NIXCORE, Inc. We are an independent adult movie company run by- Well. Simply none of your concern. Producing all kinds of films to satiate the appetite of any customer is our motivation. Nixcore also prides itself in casting the best new faces in the business. Can you be that new face? It only takes a few degrading moments to be the next top seller...

Because we at Nixcore are more than ready to erase you and make you something completely new. We are an industry that contributes material to the world for it's pleasure. It's money. Because we care enough. Just enough... Because...

We live the dream for you.

NIXCORE is a Naruto AU RP hosted on Scribbld looking for open-minded and creative RPers, who don't mind a little plot in their porn. We've just celebrated our one-year anniversary as a community, and we're always eager to see new faces! Scribbld is a LiveJournal based site with many of the same features to offer you. Along with being compatible with the LJ-Lojin client on Firefox, it offers 50 icons for free users.



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