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Attention Roleplayers!

I am here on behalf of Shinra Tensei, a post apocalyptic roleplay forum where I play Haku! I am currently looking for a Zabuza, as I cannot post without one! Link is here:

-Literate [ie paragraph form] roleplay
-many characters still available, including Zabuza!
-Post apocalyptic world, meaning: Everything has been destroyed by nuclear bombs in 2012, humans staying alive by living underground. Humans have evolved and some even mutated, animals outside of the city domes have mutated as well [Haku owns one of the mutated flesh eating rabbits!]
-please be sure to read ALL rules and regulations.
-read the plot and survival guide, these are VERY important!
-once you are accepted, and if you want to play as Zabuza, PLEASE read Haku's application, as it contains vital information! Feel free to IM as well, so we can plot, and I can help you with your application! Haku is 24, so that would make Zabuza 35. You have to sign up with Zabuza's birth date, so that would be August 15, 1975.

Thank you for your consideration!
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